I am looking for recycled clothes and fabrics in large quantities. Such as wool knits and tweed.
I would appreciate any information about companies or individuals who are involved in textile recycling.
I am working to a budget, so I would prefer not to pay, if so, then at a reasonable price.

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have you researched into textile recycling companies in England? they can be very useful

Im not sure the extent of what you are doing but maybe to contact factories to purchase their offcuts OR near brick lane in london is a company that sell end of line fabric on the roll. Could be an option.

I cant remember the street or the name but i have the details somewhere...

hope that slightly helps :)
thanks so much for your reply. I'm going to contact my local recycling place for information.
Also factories is a great idea. I will look into that.
Gem :)
I too am looking for recycled wools/tweeds etc, have you had any luck or want to join forces on the hunt?
Are you a designer?
Look forward to chatting,
Hello, I suggest having a look at the TRA (textile recycling website), they list textile recyclers all over the UK and what they deal in, eg, vintage fabrics, clothing, etc, as well as contact details.


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