I am going for vacations ..i need a sturdy luggage bag which can carry lotta stuff.I don’t mind paying more but the bag should be worth it...i saw giordano bags in Shoppers stop..but did not took thm as i was not sure will it fulfill the purpose... which brand do u recommend..shld i go ahead with girodano travel bags..or i shld check out some other brands too.

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Is sturdy and capacious all you want? If so I've been very pleased with:


It's quite a stylish looking bag in its way, but not particularly smart or glamorous. It is, however, strong enough to not fall apart however heavy and overstuffed it is.
Hey thanks for the link Sirilucky...
its very useful..
yes it will fullfill your requirement.
Hey thanks Mehul..
i am back frm my trip, it was awesome


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