I'm a young designer and I'm looking for suppliers. I don't know where to start looking and I would like a point in the right direction. Looking forward to hearing your replies. Laura Parry.

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, oh I'm glad you asked this question :) I'm wondering the same...& I'm still familiarising myself with this site so I hadn't had the chance to post a question as yet. My net is quite slow at the moment which is proving to be a wee bit difficult. I am starting a business also & I'm searching for fabrics, trims, pattern makers, manufacturers of sewing my garments & print work, plus any advice & tips a to what steps are best to take & how etc etc would be much appreciated. I have come across a few fabric suppliers, but they're just not quite right yet. I hope you don't mind me jumping on your thread. Thanks. Michelle

Hi Laura (and Michelle),

We'd love to help.  Offset Warehouse sell all sorts of ethical fabrics, with 1 meter minimums:


We have an ethical directory filled with ethical services and businesses who will be able help you:


We also have a great list of resources that may come in useful if you need help with your research into different ethical fabrics/ techniques/ other businesses, all sorts!


Please don't hesitate to get in touch if you have any further questions!

Best wishes,



Yi!! I feel so silly & worried that I look a but rude right now :/

I've been getting roadblocks in every direction, & so yesterday I posted in the Sustainable Fashion Australia fb group that I were still searching for links. I completely forgot about offsetwharehouse!! Although I desperately need all the links I can get, I overlooked Offset! Wow...I stumbled across this site in my phone just now (so am still exploring it), but I must've opened it up a few weeks ago & bookmarked it..& got so distracted, forgot to come back.

I just have to say, so far..looks fantastic :) thanks.

    Hi  Laura ,

         We are able to make Organic cotton natural binder based  herbaldyed fabrics . This way to make and offer of Organic cotton produce is nothing new . Ours are something unique and fresh fabrics . Since some decades we are doing  production and research on this and now we are able to offer the lowest price and widest choile of some 108 fabrics in minimum quantity of say 10 meters on   ehnic dyed and online supplied .

          Our website www.transindiaexports.net.   e.mail : bond @transidniaexports.net 


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