Please contact me if you are a yarn, fabric, trim, lining supplier who is certified.
We prefer to do business with suppliers close to home in order to reduce our carbon footprint.
So ideally from Belgium, UK, France, Spain, Italy, ... But you could also send me your contactdetails and website if you are located further away.
At this point we need as many supplier contacts as possible from recycled material (rPet fibres, yarns, textiles) to organic produced wool, cotton, linen, .... (again fibres to textiles).

If you are a sustainable fibre manufacturer and you want to enhance your own business you can inform us about your clients who produce textiles...

All info is welcome!

Thank you!

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Hi Niki,


Great to see you're sourcing your materials ethically!


Please check out our ethical fabric shop, we've got lots of fabrics and suppliers who might be of interest to you:


Best wishes,


Offset Warehouse team.


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