The Ethical Fashion Network is growing fast- and we want to make it as useful as possible for members. The Ethical Fashion Forum team will be dedicating time and resources over the next few weeks to make improvements to the network. We hope will make it more effective as a platform for networking as well as promoting the work of members.


If you have ideas on how we can make the network work better for you- please tell us!

Our current planned improvements include:

RE-BRANDING THE NETWORK: Changing the site look and feel so that it fits in with our SOURCE  platform branding:
Why are we doing this? For several reasons. Firstly we will be getting a lot of press and promotion for the SOURCE platform - and we want to include the network in the press and promotion- this will benefit members as well as increasing the range of professionals joining the network. Secondly- we want to simplify what we do under one platform, rather than having separate network and source membership. Thirdly, the SOURCE platform branding has had very good feedback from our buyer and press networks- it is a good format for showcasing fashion brands and products, and looks more professional.

The network will be re-named SOURCE NETWORK. Its goals will remain the same, and nothing will change in relation to your profile and access to the site.

We are looking at several ways that we can promote members better on the front page. Rather than having a static image at the top, we plan to have a regularly changing image featuring members work

We will aim to simplify the navigation and make it easier for you to find your way around the site

We will be adding several special features, ideas include pages with specific and valuable information for members, networking groups where you can connect with or gain advice and support from experts, opportunities to profile pioneering initiatives and products on the front page.

We look forward to hearing some of your suggestions on how we can make the network work better for you,

Warmest regards

The Ethical Fashion Forum team


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A couple of things. I'm new to this netowrk so many appologies if any of these arleady happening but I am too 'green' to notice (pun pun...I am soooo funny)....

It would be a good idea to maybe promote members every now and giving some oportunity for some good quality links...possibly you could hook this up with some kind of give-aways.  This is something I've seen done on many fashion blogs and i'm sure we are all aware of them.  And in exchange for a link to my website on their public page (this is good for SEO - but has to be on a public page, not members only), then I might give them a few pairs of earrings to give away to their readers.  Then there is usually something like...follow me on twitter and tweet or comment why you like these earrings...then on a date the top 5 answers are selected and then then either the blogger or the supplier/brand/shop send them their earrings.  I'm sure many on this network have stock that they could use in this way and it will bring the public to the site too which might be good perhaps.  Also means it is a good way of a member being allowed a public 'link' for that time (eg you could do one a month to start with - or maybe run a few at once if the idea really takes off).  this give-away could be from the home page or could be from a public blog perhaps.

On a totally separate note, it stikes me that some of us may end up with suprluss last season stock.  I wonder if we can do something with it - swap it with eachother, or give it en-mass - or maybe some of us may sell others' things which aren't selling differently and then sell them...or something...not quite sure how this could work...just a thought.  I often think about all the surpluss stock swilling around in the fashion industry and worry about it.


Also maybe a members-twitter feed on the front page might be interesting.  Always good to see what others in the community are doing and a good way to see people who might be interesting for eachother to follow that way too.

Best wishes,


Thanks for you feedback Harriet.

You make some very useful points about promoting the businesses/websites/blogs of our users and this is something we are looking into as its a great incentive for more interaction over the network.  

If you think of anymore please let us know. Member feedback is the most valuable tool to improving the network. 




We look forward to hearing some of your suggestions on how we can make the network work better for you,

Warmest regards

The Ethical Fashion Forum team

NyThreadTrend is a webshop that focuses on fashion designers who use Ethical practice in their business


I am a new member on Ethical Fashion Forum and I can say, It is great project! So many info and useful advises... I can spend hours exploring...

On my opinion, switching a black color (background color) with white one (text color) would make reading much easier. 

Thank you for your attention!

Warmest regards,



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