Ideas forum- what should the Ethical Fashion Forum do to support the sector?

We would love to hear your ideas and thoughts on how we can make the work of the Ethical Fashion Forum more effective, eg

-How can we make this site better?
-Training , seminars, networking events?
-Getting more big players involved?
-What kind of support for sustainable businesses?
-Other ideas?

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Here are a few suggestions (hopefully not too far fetched!):
- A specific designers area/directory where each label gets their own page to show their collections/info on their brand (particularly useful for new labels without their own website yet)
- A service that utilities your industry contacts to alert buyers/boutique owners to new ethical fashion labels that haven't yet got the know-how/resources available to market themselves to find these potential stockists.
- Liaise with big ethical companies (from any industry?) to seek out potential 'green' investors capable of offering advise, collaborations or financial support to new businesses.
- Work with eco conscious mainstream magazines, e.g Marie Claire, to highlight new ethical design talent.
- With regards to 'What kind of support for sustainable businesses'... have a page dedicated to this, highlighting all support available and how to apply for it.
i think si:su point on liasing with ethical companies is the important one. I am trying to source organic cotton to sew my line from and its not proving easy so something like a link to these companies would be fantastic
Hi there
Do come to our sustainable manufacture seminar on the 17th March to which we will also be inviting fabric suppliers
- See events
Your members are all around the gobe.. they can conduct workshops in their respective countries with your stanp on it!! which adda more creibility..


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