Hi, I'm brand new here and really hope someone can help! I'm producing my first small clothing collection in organic and fair trade cotton, some bamboo too, but I need care, size and logo labels/ribbons, I'm having trouble coming up with a cost/time effective solution to this, as so far I can't find any suitable suppliers/companies that can produce these for me in line with eco-friendly and ethically sound standards. Any information or advice will be appreciated (I'm uk based btw.), thanks. x

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Hi Emma, in my collection I use recyled paper labels which go attached to each garment and for the sewed label I use the disgarded fabric pieces and print them, so they are also made in nice organic cotton! Good luck!

Hi Nicolas,

Thanks for the reply, that sounds great. Unfortunately I don't have facilities/equipment for printing them myself.

All the best with your designs.

Best of Luck

Madam ,

           We  are small operation hilghly talented on processing ethnic and natural and organic dyed.WE CAN SUPPLY ON CUSTOM LINE . Dis cuss, design , deliver . Fabrics and garments  on silk , cotton , linen . Please visit us in FB.pages and groups  Trans India Exports, ETC.

           N.J.Bond .  

we can help you design your logo labels into bling rhinestone transfer, which is fashion and attractive,what's more it's very cheap.then just iron them on these clothes for decoration,as for size,i think you should pay attention to your consumers.


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