Hi, I would like to discuss the significance of the branding of the FIFA World Cup container.

I have no problem with the manufacturers of the case - Louis Vuitton, just the choice made by someone to brand the container and therefore create publicity - it is after all one of the best product placements a fashion house could ever achieve.  

A global audience will see a highly prized trophy of sportsmanship, commitment and talent emerge from a case made with craftsmanship and experience - but also a brand that could be mainly unobtainable to the masses. Should it be branded?

Protest is a strong word, I don't want to focus negative energy on this. I think this could become an interesting discussion.

Why would someone choose to brand the container of one othe most coveted prizes in the world? Does it become more unobtainable now?

What are the implications of increased global exposure of a luxury brand from being combined with a prestigeous award?

Rolex cases for Olympic Medals?

Increased consumption of new goods from the desire to own the unobtainable brand, some of these goods might be copies of original goods, these may be made in lower standard conditions than original goods and impact one the lives of people who are already worse off.

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