Hello To help me build a fashion portfolio I am putting together a TFP (time for pictures) shoot in north London. I almost have everything in place - models, studio, stylist and one set of clothes, but I am looking for a couple of designers with clothing or accessories they want pictures of.

This is going to be a serious shoot (I'm not an amateur wannabee), and I am happy to hear from anyone with finished designs that are ready now (could be a student with a collection or a designer with a old collection). Either way I'd be happy to hear from anyone.

You can email me directly if you like at photo@gavinparsons.co.uk 

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sounds cool to me! shame i didnt see your message a few days back as i had a show needing a photographer on wednesday!

see my website www.akabidesign.com for pics for the collection already done

please call me @ 07888804589 I do hand printed scarfs .
We know a few designers who'd probably be interested if you're still looking?

[Also, on our facebook page we've just added a little info about a magazine who've asked us for ethical photo submissions: Facebook page: http://bit.ly/a3Gybt , might be appropriate?].

Offset Warehouse
Hi Charlie

Sorry for the delaying in replying I've been away on assignment. Interested in hearing about your designers. How would I go about contacting them?

Kind regards

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