Frankae MG Originals is a new fashion collection by high-quality ladies' shirts of biologically tilled cotton with luxurious appliques from ctrystal rhinestones. The new Frankae MG Originals collection reaches their unique character by a refined attention to detail which enriched by classic elegance and femininity. They are brilliant in their timelessness and combine of organic cotton with beautiful designs of sparkling high-quality cut and polished crystal rhinestones. Frankae MG Originals enrich your wardrobe and makes you feel very special.  

Frankae MG Originals is a young company founded in 2015 in Spain with still a small fashion collection. Qualitatively high-quality materials improves to luxurious ladies' shirts for women with love to the detail. The collection is offered in own online shops and into three different languages. Take a look to

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Hi, we organise the first Global Sustainable Fashion Week between in Budapest 12-14 April.

Welcome there:

Kind regards,


Dear Dr. Gabriella, thank you for you message. I will check it out. Regards Franka from Spain


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