I came across this website in my research into a business start up.

I am based in the West country, England have decided to start a business selling fabrics from local
communities around the world. 

I am in the process of putting together a business plan and doing some
research on similar businesses. My plan, if all goes well, is to rent
a premises later on down the line.

 Does anyone here know of any communities that produce fabrics. I am open to all places around  such as Thailand, Africa etc

I am also trying to find out how I could get get fabric imported into the
UK as cheaply as possible . Or do you collect them?

Thanks so much for any help you can provide!

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try www.fashionmanufacturerfinder.com, or www.fashionindustrynetwork.com , you can easily find a goodmanufacturer for anything apparel related you wish


Ejaz from moon textile Pvt limited if you looking to import fabrics then please visit us


we are the manufacturer of 100% cotton voile fabric in fabulous prints and designs.

We   are interested  to supply  organic cotton , silk  and linen  in plain weave and knitting into  jersey t- shirts  all are natural ethnic colour dyed ! Find us  all details about us in face book : Transindiexports , n.j.bond , pre organics ;  natural dyed organics  sites , pages ,  group on barter trade on organic . 

Welcome  fro any other  cutom orders  discussion develop ment !

n.j.bond .trans_india@htomail.com . no web site . yu can view in google pages .


Vietnamese minorities have nice handcrafted fabrics either the way they colour them with honey and indigo or how they make the embroideries by hand.
I am using them for my collections but could also buy somefirmdou if you wish.
xxx, jeanne

Hi I would be interested in these textiles. I'm afraid the premise of my start up is that I need to buy direct so my customers can see where the money goes and know that I am helping a community.

Thank you 


Hey checkout www.aaeco.net we are wholesalers and stockists of all kinds of organic fabrics. Moq only 25. Marketingaaeco@gmail.com .all kinds of organic cotton peace silk and organic linens available. Also provide all logistics support


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