My name is Amy Boast, I am currently in of final year of studying Human Geography at Nottingham University. As part of this I am conducting research for my dissertation focused around the topic of ethical fashion with the overall aim being to investigate the extent to which ethical fashion brands and practices can infiltrate into the mainstream fashion market.  

I was wondering if anyone at would be interested in being involved with my research as it would be great to get as many perspectives as possible on ethical fashion, both currently and in terms of its future prospects. 

I have attached an information document if you would like more information about my project.

If this would be something you'd be interested in my email address is amyboast@hotmail.co.uk.





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Hi Amy!

My name is Nadia, and I am currently doing my dissertation research on Ethical Fashion too!! Omg, so excited! Can we please stay in touch?

My blog on critical fashion: http://listengirlfriends.wordpress.com/category/critical-fashion/

My facebook page: http://www.facebook.com/ListenGirlfriends?fref=ts

Very excited about this!

Nadia :)

Hi Nadia,

Thats great! Where are you studying? Whats the focus of your dissertation? Would love to hear all about it :)

Amy x

Hi Amy!

Would love to talk to you more, but are you on email/facebook? Not a big fan of this interface for conversation, for some reason!

Take care,


Hi Nadia,

Yes, my email is amyboast@hotmail.co.uk :)



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