Hi there - I'm looking for eco-friendly faux/fake leather of a really high quality but can't find anything anywhere! Would super appreciate any tips. Thanks Cx

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Is the materials collection at London College of Fashion any good? I've never been. There's also a collection online at Kingston Uni which they sometimes have staff to update: http://www.kingston.ac.uk/~kx19789/rematerialise/html_and_flash/sea...

Tricorne Leather & Synthetics Ltd Leather Suppliers. Tel: 020 8450 9988| Unit 11, Millennium Business Centre, 3, Humb, Humber Rd, London, NW2 6DW sell a lot of patterned vinyl.

Griffine of France used to sell some of their vinyls through Soho Silks off Berwick St: I'm not sure if they still do. Also Open Space 200 Brick Lane keep a huge stock of heavy victorian-doctors-bag-kind of floppy leathery vinyl from the same company.

I'm researching cork at the moment and don't know how to connected facts. Cork seems to work to add bulk colour and texture to backings and varnishes on each side.

Wikipedia mentions something about Ocean Leather made of Kelp, but I can't find any other links to it on Google:

Norgahyde in the UK comes from http://www.abbeyfabricsuk.com who also sell a UK-made wood-based microfibre that for some reason they're unwilling to sell to some customers - either it's exclusive to other customers or it's too biodegradable for shoes or something like that. They call it Axiom and I'm not sure who makes it for them.

Hope this helps
John 02082869947
Thanks John. That all sounds really interesting. I'll definitely check it out. I haven't looked into cork but if I find anything interesting, I'll let you know.



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