Eco Friendly Clothing Fabric Label Manufacturers in England

I am looking for any UK companies that manufacture clothing labels (woven or printed) using sustainable materials and take fairly small runs. 
I am hoping to produce labels both carrying the brand as well as for fabric care.

So far, i've only found companies in the US  or in Asia (using bamboo and organic cotton) but would like to keep manufacturing local.

Does anyone have advice on what they think are good ethical options for producing clothing fabric labels.


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they look quite promising although i don't know if they do organic. i've just made contact with them. see attached link
if you are not thinking of producing just a few labels then go for it, but there are still a few things to consider:

1) natural dyes usually need a metal mordant for the dye to hold fast. i.e heavy metals into the waste stream, you can use salt but it will not last and

2) screen printing as far as i know consumes more water than digital printing and often does require some chemicals

3) you mention using paper, so i assume you are thinking of clothing swing tags rather than labels as paper will not survive washing

good luck

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