I am a third year fashion student aiming to produce a vegan friendly footwear collection, does anyone have any ideas of where I could find manufacturers of eco-friendly/ ethical vegan alternatives?? I would really appreciate any help or suggestions!

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Hi there. This is the best link I've found. http://www.cowsarecool.com/feat/nonleatherguide/NonLeatherGuide-End... Masses of stuff. I've received samples from Giardini (Italian) and they're pretty amazing quality. I've also got hold of Sensuede samples from http://www.fabrics4less.co.uk it's not cheap stuff but there are masses of colours and it's very light so good for clothing but i'm not sure about shoes. Worth a look though. Good luck and please post images when you've got them! Cxxx PS I'm sure you know (apologies if so) but just in case, try to go for the PU leather options if you can - a lot better than PVC.
Hi, thanks for your reply, I will be sure to have a good look at the links. As soon as the collection starts to come together I will get some images up, which will hopefully be in the next few months! Your eco-handbag range sounds really exciting! I hope that it is going well so far. thanks again for the help xx


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