Does anyone know where i can get hold of ethical silks (silk jersey, chiffon, georgette, silk satin and silk crepe de chine)?

I have recently co-founded a luxury brand called Beulah London. We are looking to find ethical silks as mentioned above (silk jersey, chiffon, georgette, silk satin and silk crepe de chine)...if anyone could help with this that would be fantastic...thank you

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Have you tried Offset Warehouse? They have lots of eco fabrics and may be able to help.


Good luck!

Thank you Zoe...will have a look...

Hi Beulah,

The SILK Mark Organization of India, under the Central Silk Board, have silk worm breeding industries, producing silk fibres and weave fabrics by ethical processes.

If you are interested more details will be forwarded at your request.

Best regards,

Salju Jose,


Pearl Academy of Fashion,

New Delhi-110028

Dear Salju, i am very interested. Is there a website i can go on to find out more or swatches i can request?





You can check out the websites and you need to analyze what exactly you need.

If you specify who you're and what profession you're in, I shall try to help you more.

We have inquiries from fashion designers, clothing manufacturers and interior designers who ask for organic and environmental friendly cotton, rayon and silk products from India.

With regards,

Salju Jose


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