Does anyone have contacts of suppliers that make Batik, tie dye, mud cloth type prints?

Hi guys,
Im starting my own womenswear line with an ethnic look, I have designed my own graphics and need to get them printed soon but I want them printed in the techniques/style of African textile so i.e mud cloth, tie dye, batik etc.

Does anyone have any contacts or can direct me in some way?? I am based in East London if that helps
Thank you
: )

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hey bora

i too am working with batikers - there is a lady on this site edwina who is based in ghana she is a batiker and i have another contact there
or choolips annegret she works with batikers and global mamas i ghana
or i had another link to those in senegal too
there are plenty in africa but in uk .. i dunno

im east london too though

I came across these guys recently who might be able to help
They may be able to connect you to relevant people, or alternatively they look like they supply some amazing African prints anyway.
Hey guys, Thank you so much for your replies. This website is great! : )
I'll let you know how it goes.
Thanks again


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