hey i want to gift my frnd branded Handbag like Hidesign or a Ray Ban shades on her Bday. Any idea which place have discount this season.

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hey, i think there are some discounts going on at Shoppers Stop...they have a really good collection, don't forget to check it out...
hey thanks a loott.. will defntly do it
Hey this depends upon the place you live and if you are interested in doing online shopping.
Yes online shopping is good..
If you are interested to shop online you can go for Beth Springer Handbags. Beth Springer has been producing "green" products long before "green' was even used to describe goods made with environmental sustainability in mind. Her ethos (as put forth on her website) is "Do no harm." But, these are no "crunchy/chewy", products. They are beautiful, fashion forward designs, that also happen to be respectful of our planet. They are products for those that can choose whatever they want, but want to make the right choices. I have known Beth for a long time, am so proud of her accomplishments and her conscience, and hope that others discover the wonders that are her designs. She is an inspiration to those of us much less talented. Look at her website to be awed by her, her design and her mission. Buy a bag for your life's journey.
hey thanks!!!
Hi lovely, have you tried Bigwardrobe.com? Really good for free/cheap designer goods and it's recycling, so ethical too. xxx
hey i have never used it... i browsed the site..its good... thanks for the site name...


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