Does anyone know of any initiatives/organistions that can provide an ethical means to deal with large quantities of calico waste created by students through the toiling and sampling process every term, a problem which I am sure most fashion colleges come up against?! Look forward to hearing anyone's suggestions, Sue, Nottingham Trent

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This is an issue and thought to me too....i have been speaking to cotton inc in the US in regards to their recycling denim programme and general recycling of fabric back into yarn...this is an option but on the big side of things. The other option is to get it shredded or cut up so it can be used as stuffing. I am looking for recycled fabric to make stuffing but am looking into the best way for this to be done

If you find any solutions let me know

Thanks for your reply Jacqueline. I will let you know if I find any other solutions.
make funky bags for regular shopping, patching all the bits togather and run stitch machine.
i also do lot in India in my organisation and sell it off, even i make tops and do some printing or dyeing technique, but bag is the easiest. i don know how much practice of carrying bag for shopping is there in UK.


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