BusyBoy are searching for a fair trade supplier! Please help!

We are BusyBoy and we are a small start-up menswear business who are desperately searching for a fair trade supplier. IF YOU ARE ONE OR KNOW OF ANY BUSINESS WHO IS ONE PLEASE COULD YOU CONTACT US ASAP ON: mackenzie_travers@hotmail.co.uk

Thank you, we hope to hear from you soon,

Mackenzie Travers @ BusyBoy

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Hey there - supplier of what? Fabric or manufacturing? Thanks!

Hello Offset Warehouse,


A manufacturing supplier, mainly tees at the moment. 


Thank you


Mackenzie Travers @ BusyBoy

aaahhh yes, we can help - drop us an email and I can forward you the details:


Hello Offset Warehouse,


I have emailed you and am now awaiting a reply, hope to hear from you soon.


Thanks again 


Mackenzie Travers @ BusyBoy


I can help you with supply of excellent quality Tees at reasonable price. Please contact me through yogmatri@gmail.com


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