How do ethical fashion companies manage to do business honestly with countries where corruption is all pervasive (e.g. India)? Is it possible to set up a business, open a factory, get export goods through customs without palms being greased, local "agents" being employed?

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Well you just have go about it, this thing happen within the poor countries, all you have to do is paid money for customs that is, its really shame, that the western can't do anything about its, but I believe those of us in the Fashion industries can make a small impact to this corruption, by reporting any wrong doing to the authorities, if you are in a country where you can report to your Foreign embassy please do so, its help
This is a challanging aspect but can be dealt with. I work in India and the UK markets. Our production is sourced in India. It is possible to find some co-operatives that are transparant and those who believe in strong social values. We support them with design and technological input and help them work in global markets. We produce 'almost carbon neutral' fabrics furnishings and feel-well-fashions.


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