Hi there,

I'm starting up a small womenswear aiming to use organic and sustainable fibers. I have come across a fabric which is 100% Bamboo Cotton, in a loose woven weave which I cannot find/source anywhere! The shop I originally bought it may not be able to reorder it and so I've been trying without success to find something similar. 

If anyone has any suggestions in how to source this, in a relatively small amount (100m) I would be hugely grateful! I have also attached 2 photographs incase you have seen anything similar :)

Claire Davis 

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Hi Claire,

Offset Warehouse provide a variety of eco fabrics, including bamboo.  We have actually just brought in a few new lines too, which will be on the site shortly.


You might like to sign up to the newsletter to be kept informed of new eco fabric arrivals! http://www.offsetwarehouse.com/mailinglist

Best wishes,



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