I have just started as PR and Marketing at Monkee Genes on a placement, and I am trying to find out opinions, who is buying them, have you heard of them? And just general research.

We are an affordable organic jeans company, and have Soil Association approval and G.O.T.S. You can buy from our website www.monkeegenes.com and have very successful concessions in Topman and Topshop Oxford Circus.

Thank you

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yeah ive been following you guys for a bit and think you are doing very well...great jeans and concept with the badge...either by choice r decision its a great concept...interchanging idea!

wish you guys all the best!

I went on to the website and I've already added a pair of "supa skinny" cords to my wishlist, and as a poor student I think it's an awesome find. I think it's fantastic that it's so affordable and ethical too! I've been recommending it to my friends, who can afford more expensive clothing than myself. I included it in a blog I write at www.goodadviceisrarerthanrubies.blogspot.com

Hope that helps!

Oh, I have one thing to add, can you please start doing "petite"? I'm under 5 feet and I'll need to get my cords taken up when I get them!
Hello, Thank you both for replying.

Aww well if we do any offers I will let you know :-) and I will pass the message on to my boss again as I actually have the same problem.

Thank you for spreading the Monkee word, If you ever write about us again feel free to contact me for extra information or images.

We are still a very small company and trying to let everyone know about us, so if you have any ideas please get in contact,

all best vix
Hey, I thought the name rang a bell so I had a peek at your website. I love the fact you have a wide range of colours and I'd be really interested to know what kind of dyes you use... are they also organic? I also think the badge is particularly nice, I'm definately thinking of saving up for some, most likely some of the bright coloured supa skinnys!

All the best with it all, I'm certainly going to mention you my friends! :)

Mary-Emma :)
Hello, yeh the colour are so exciting, as they are so bright and vivid. I'm not aloud to go in to much detail about our dying technique, but yes our dyes are organic. Well if we have any offers I will let you know, and thank you :-)



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