where can you find affordable yet on trend eco friendly fashion? So far I just find either overpriced boring clothing or expensive designer threads.

I realize that part of being eco friendly means giving up on fast fashion which produces so much excess waste, but how and where can college aged girls with modest salaries afford to be both Eco conscious and trendy?

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Emma Watson's collection for People Tree looks great for college aged girls and it doesnt look all that pricey either. It is really difficult though but hopefully the more exposure ethical fashion gets the better it will get. :)
thanks! Now if only the shipped to new york.... :)
Anniegreenabelle.com do really nice clothing. They sell through Topshop concessions, although they're not that well known yet. Found a code on moneysavingexpert as well for 15% off - May10. I'm in love with their nautical stripe jersey dress!!

Hope that helps.
Should have mentioned as well, they do ship internationally.
Hi, you could try charity /thrift shops, second hand shops, flea markets, etsy, there's loads of places.

It depends how you use the word trendy. You can combine thrift with a good key piece that would be an investment - ask a designer to make something for you - insist on using no new materials - apart from thread!

I am sure you can find what you are looking for in our store.

Check out our new collection, not to mention the other great Excentree Certified Designers on offer.


We have a special Ethical Fashion Forum Discount currently running on our Excentree Garments lasts until Midday BST May 31st EFF20 for 20% off. Plus we ship anywhere in the world within in reason.

I hope you find what you are looking for.



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