Do you feel that there's a gap in the market for trendy ethical menswear for men aged 20-30? I've been looking around and i find there's a lack of ethical menswear brands that are appealing to men between the age bracket noted above. What are your views, opinions and thoughts on this? Also, if you know of any ethical menswear brands with a trendy contemporary design style and brand image please let me know!


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Hi Chelsea,

I definately agree with you, there is a serious absence of well designed ethical menswear. Join the 'Noble Gents' group on our network. It may be worth engaging with 'A Suit that Fits' and 'Commerce with a Conscience', both on the network. And definately check out Commerce with Conscience blogspot ...

Thanks Lucy!
Lucy, thanks for the recommendation.

Chelsea, there are some excellent options out there, but they can be fairly difficult to find. Hopefully my blog can provide you with some good choices. Also, feel free to contact me through the forums if you want any extra info on the brands already covered.


Hi Chelsea
I also agree, hence why im designing a luxury mens shoe collection, with a focus on using eco materials as much as possible. My father has been in the footwear industry all his life and i naturally followed, however realised there is an absence of using eco components in the luxury sector.
I will keep you posted as to when we are ready to launch!

cheers jasmine sounds good!


Do you have a URL?

I'd love to see some of your designs.
I have some classic punky vegan shoes in development, to be made in the UK. The sort of thing you'd buy in Camden Market but for vegans. Events have held the business back recently but I hope to get it onto a different scale next year some time. One of the problems of making in the UK is that the suppliers don't have a lot of money for new tools: the styles are pretty-much 1960-1980 and the some of the PVC soles would scare an environmentalist, so they don't please everyone but some people take to them.


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