When heat rushed into the earth again, fashion boom to welcome summer brings people into a world of color and creativity. 2014 fashion accessories, necklaces still hold main status. And at the same time, new and creative design lifted fashion concept into a higher level. 2014 top fashion necklaces are mainly in following styles.


1. Big and colorful gemstones.

Necklaces in form of big and colorful gemstones look shinning and eye-catching. Delicate making of the metal is unique and elegant. Blue, red and green gemstones are the main views of necklaces, so that necklaces like these are strong in decoration result. Designers thought that although people match it with common clothes, the wholesale looking will be different and trendy enough.


2. Necklaces are exaggerated in shape and color.

Chunky necklaces with colorful looking and bold design bring people a sense of extreme passion to life. And the group of colors and metals is suitable for summer and can be matched with clothes in any style. Being easy to be matched and outstanding is the highlight of necklaces like these.


3. Skull shaped pendants are still popular.

Skull shaped accessories are not rare in fashion world, but pendants in 2014 had been changed in style. Instead of traditional cool image of skull, pendants in skull shape 2014 are in simple and young in design and color using. Being different and filled with fashion sense comes true at the same time.


4. Geometric necklaces.

Geometric necklaces with chunky line and strong sense of metal as if symbolize the top fashion trend and extremely unique style. Necklaces with sharp design look unique and top trendy style. Necklaces like these are high in quality and delicate in making, and also it can be matched with top fashion clothes. And also, it can be worn in some special parties because it has the ability to make people outstanding and unique.


2014 top fashion necklaces, in a word, tend to unique and exaggerated style. Traditional design and color group had been put away by fashion boom. The mainstream of 2014 necklaces is bold in design and color application. So when people choose matching clothing for necklaces, they don’t have to think of too much because necklaces are easy to be matched.

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